The government of Maha should seriously implement its policy of promoting the Marathi language; organize an exam for prosecutors in Marathi also: HC

The Maharashtra government should seriously implement its policy of promoting the Marathi language, the Bombay High Court has said while ordering it to now hold the state attorney recruitment exam in Marathi as well.

A divisional bench of judges SV Gangapurwala and RN Laddha passed the order on September 7 on a motion filed by a Pratap Jadhav, requesting that the exam for prosecutors’ positions also be conducted in Marathi instead of English only. .

The order was made available on Saturday. Jadhav had said that he had been studying in Marathi since school and proceedings in the courts of Judicial Magistrate First Class and Civil Judge Junior Division were normally conducted in the Marathi language.

Marathi is a local language, he said. The High Court, in its order, said the Maharashtra government should have been serious about the matter.

“Government cannot say that for the examination of Civil Magistrates and Judges, it can be provided to answer in Marathi language and for the examination of the Attorney General, the same facility would not be provided. In fact, c It is the government’s general position to promote the local language (Marathi),” the HC said.

“We may not understand the government’s position,” he added.

The review is scheduled for September 11, 2022 and so an order may not be issued for this year’s review, the court said.

“However, the government will ensure that the next exam to be held for prosecutors will be conducted in English as well as Marathi,” he said.

The court further said that its order would help implement the policy of the Maharashtra government to promote Marathi, the state language.

The petition claimed that the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts the examination for selection of lower courts in Marathi as well as English.

The government’s additional litigant, Molina Thakur, told the court that this year, 7,700 candidates are taking the exam for prosecutors’ positions.

She claimed that only the complainant had raised the language objection and that it might not be possible to find an examiner to assess the Marathi language responses.

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September 11, 2022

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