The best high schools in the UK to get a place in Oxbridge


Places in high school are in high demand, with parents willing to travel across the country to give their child a chance to take the Eleven Plus entrance exam.

As private tuition fees are beyond the means of many middle-class parents, families are increasingly drawn to high schools as a way to give their child a top-notch education without paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for it. the privilege.

But they are rare, with only 163 across the country compared to 1,600 in the mid-1960s.

All high schools perform well academically – but which ones are best for giving students a place at Oxbridge?

The Telegraph has obtained detailed information, following a series of Freedom of Information requests, from each college in Oxford and Cambridge as to which schools they have made the most offers over during the last three years.

According to our data, the high school with the most offerings in Oxbridge was Colchester Royal Grammar School, followed by Henrietta Barnett School in North London.

St Olave and St Savior High Schools in Orpington and Pate’s Grammar School in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire are also on our top 20 list.

You can read the full list here:


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