SBS language | The tragic bombing of a tourist site in Dohuk, northern Iraq

Naseem Sadiq spoke to SBS Assyrian, detailing the scenes and events caused by the bombing of the tourist site from Duhok in the Kurdistan region. The Iraqi government accuses the Turkish army of this attack. At the same time, Turkey denies any Turkish involvement and accuses the rebels of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) of the attack.

SBS’s Assyrian correspondent said many Iraqi families were mainly Arabs from Mosul and Baghdad. They were taking advantage of the region’s calm and mild weather, far from the scorching summer heat further south in the region.

Mr Sadiq says, “As people swam and enjoyed the clear, cold waters of the river in the area, tragically the clear waters turned into a bloodbath due to the impact of the shelling.”

A couple was in the area to celebrate their honeymoon; they had only been married six days prior to this incident. Sadly, the young husband was killed, leaving his wife of six days a widow.”

This criminal act targeting civilians has angered Iraqis across Iraq and around the world. Many people took to the streets to protest and started burning the Turkish flag in front of the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad. There are calls to ban all Turkish products in Iraq and travel to Turkey.

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