More than 11 Covid-proof tests next year, grammars recommended


High schools have been told they may need to make changes to 11+ exams and up next year “in light of the fact that most children have been out of school for a significant period in 2020 and at the beginning of 2021 ”.

Department of Education guidelines released today indicate that while many high schools and partially selective schools use verbal, non-verbal reasoning tests, and in some cases spatial reasoning tests to assess ability, some consider what the children learned in English and math as part of their ability assessments.

He says: “Admissions authorities at schools that test English and math skills may consider making changes to the test, in light of the fact that most children have been out of school for a significant period of time. in 2020 and early 2021. “

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He adds: “The impact of Covid-19 has forced many admissions authorities to change their selection processes for entry in September 2021.

“Admissions authorities should consider whether subsequent major changes in circumstances require further changes to the selection procedures for entry in September 2022 and, therefore, to their admission modalities.”

More than 11 tests in 2021

The guidelines say the 11-plus test will not be delayed this year (as it was last year) and could take place online in some cases, due to Covid reasons.

However, he stresses the need to “think carefully about how various circumstances might threaten the security of test questions.”

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High schools should use their catch-up funding (including clawback bonus) along with student bonus money as “a single total from which to prioritize support for particular students according to their needs, including for potential candidates from disadvantaged households ”the guide indicates.


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