“More high schools in all areas,” says Liz Truss

Liz Truss gave her strongest support yet for high schools, as she said Friday night that she wants to see more selective schools across the country.

Speaking during the ninth election campaign of the Conservative leadership race, the Foreign Secretary said she wanted more free schools and “more grammar schools in all areas”.

She told the Conservative party audience: ‘I send my two daughters to grammar school but they only had that choice because we’re in a particular part of London. I want people to have that choice across the country.

The Labor Party banned the creation of new public high schools in 1998. If it reversed the decision, it would trigger the biggest revolution in English education for half a century.

Reversing the ban would go far beyond his leadership rival Rishi Sunak, who has previously said he would only go so far as to support the expansion of existing high schools.

Ms Truss has also pledged to cut red tape for farmers, saying they spend too much time ‘ticking boxes’ rather than producing food

And she called Andy Burnham “a miserable mayor… who doesn’t want opportunities” for the people of Manchester.

Friday night’s hustings, hosted by GB News, were the third this week alone, with the two leadership candidates having previously faced each other in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The competition is now entering its final stage, with just over two weeks until the Prime Minister’s announcement on September 5.

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