Moama Anglican Grammar’s Dux: Jenna Park

Proud: Carmel Spry, Principal of Moama Anglican Grammar, Jenna Park School dux 2021, and Head of Teaching and Learning, Hayley Catt, after Thursday morning’s announcement.

Jenna Park has been announced as the 2021 dux of Moama Anglican Grammar, achieving an ATAR score of 99.35 on Thursday.

“Honestly, I was really excited and thrilled to get this result,” Jenna said.

“Obviously I wanted to do the best I could, but given the scoreline, I didn’t expect to see such a high result.”

Jenna received a Band 6 (90-100% correct) for each of her subjects taken in 2021: Advanced Maths, Advanced English, Maths Extension, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

“I tried to do my best to be able to give myself the best opportunity to enter the course,” she said.

Jenna has received early entry into Animal Science at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, however, she hopes to be accepted into Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt in late January.

She plans to become a veterinarian and work with livestock in rural communities.

“I don’t know the exact age, but since I was very little, I always had a very big passion for animals, and my dream of being a veterinarian was born from there,” she said. .

“I was born in South Africa and we had a cattle farm there, then we moved here at the end of year 6, and we currently live on a sheep farm.

“The vet course is quite competitive so I won’t find out in a week at the earliest so it’s a bit long but I’m hoping to do some vet science there – if I don’t get into Veterinary science, animal science is a good route to enter the veterinary field.

“I don’t mind, I hope I get into vets, but if I have to do animal science and do an extra year, it won’t be the end of the world.”

This year, MAG students achieved 18 results in Band 6 and seven students were recognized on the Most Distinguished Students list for achieving the highest possible band in one or more subjects.

MAG students also collectively received 57 band 5 results (80-89% correct) in their subjects.

Jenna, along with Ashah Downie, have been named to the NESA All-Rounders Honor Roll, and Jenna has also been recognized on the Distinguished Achievement List.

MAG Principal Carmel Spry celebrated Jenna’s achievement and the results for the entire class of 2021 on Thursday.

“We are all thrilled to see Jenna’s tremendous achievement as a result of her positive attitude and dedication,” she said.

“She is an exceptional student and we join her parents in celebrating her results.

“We are so proud of all of our students, their families and their teachers who have all contributed to these wonderful results.

“All of our students are well prepared for the next stages of their lives as young adults and we wish them all the best.”

Jenna also praised the hard work of her peers, especially during their final years of schooling during the pandemic.

“The teachers have been truly phenomenal and have given me so much support and encouragement since I’ve been at Moama Grammar,” she said.

“Our cohort worked very hard and overcame many challenges, especially with COVID, which added a lot of additional stress to an already stressful time.

“I think everyone handled it very well and we all worked together to lift everyone up.”

Top marks: Jenna Park was named a pupil of Moama Anglican Grammar’s Dux on Thursday.

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