Letter to the Editor | Why Nurses Day and not Nurses Day; why are we making the english language more complicated?

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Dear Editor,

Have you ever wondered why we use Nurses Day and not Nurses Day when we have Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, for example? It certainly does not mean that we are celebrating for all nurses and only one father or mother.

Could this also be why we see more people using the plural term for many words, or unnecessarily adding an “s” to words?

As we know, there is no governing body for the English language. Many will say that this allowed the language to progress and keep pace with the times. However, if you take the time to step back and think carefully, does that really make the language more progressive or regressive now? Why are we making the language more complicated than it already is?

This brings us to another mistaken point – English is an easy language to learn. If you think about it, it’s actually quite difficult to master English unless you want to give up the beauty and finesse of the language and don’t mind the confusion caused by the use of words , erroneous verbs and expressions, adding unnecessary words or dropping necessary words.

Having a governing body does not necessarily stifle language progress. If we have a governing body that has a system similar to the system of government that we have in Singapore, where the government makes the rules, after taking all the considerations from the public and making decisions to satisfy the majority, the governing body can always be seen as good and successful.

Steven Lee

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