Lethbridge College brings back ESL summer program

After a two-year hiatus, Lethbridge College English Language Center has relaunched its Explore program, which seeks to help students learn their second official language.

Students spend their weekday mornings in English classes and participate in various cultural activities and workshops in the afternoons. Weekends are spent visiting Indigenous-focused areas like Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park and Fort Whoop-Up.

Explore students participated in a teepee lift on July 14 (Photo by Ella Starling, mylethbridgenow.com)

“Some institutions have tried to do it virtually during COVID, and we’re very face-to-face, on campus and it really hasn’t worked for us. The interest we have, I think, is probably about 20% more students than in 2019,” says Kevin Smith, dean of the Center for Business, Arts, and Sciences.

Each year, the program welcomes students from Quebec and, this summer, welcomes participants from Slovakia and Venezuela.

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“Coming here is a bit of a vacation with a very big family and I’ve only been here for about a week and a half, but I’m sure that when the program ends, every student here will be like a big family and we’re all going to be united, so it’s really a great experience to come here,” says Philipe Bouvier, a student from Montreal.

The program started on July 4 and will continue until August 5.

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