Graduate Studies Launches Collaboration with National Center for Humanities: UNM Newsroom

Ten graduate students from the University of New Mexico are participating in the National Humanities Center’s virtual graduate student residency program this week. The selected students are the inaugural cohort of a pilot collaboration between graduate studies and the National Humanities Center, located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, to strengthen the academic and pedagogical expertise of UNM doctoral students in the humanities and social humanists.

The 2022 NHC Summer Program focuses on meaningful teaching and learning in the humanities classroom. The week-long distance residency program introduced and modeled emerging teaching strategies, teaching practices, and teaching resources specifically for humanities education. The program also addresses career and professionalization practices to prepare early-career humanistic humanities and social science researchers and educators for postdoctoral work.

“The collaboration between UNM and NHC is a great opportunity for our doctoral students to share, develop and enhance their considerable research and educational training,” said Associate Dean Jesse Alemán. “And it’s also an exceptional resource for networking, professionalization, and gaining educational and academic experience in humanities-related fields.”

Graduate Studies fully funded the tuition fees of 10 doctoral students selected from a pool of applicants nominated by the departments. The students represent a cross section of UNM’s strengths in humanities programming. Selected entrants include Thatcher Rogers, Anthropology; Brandy Reeves, English; Jorge Hernandez, Spanish; Peter Mwangi, language, literacy and socio-cultural studies; Dominic Harrison, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies; Edrea Mendoza, History; Tomide Oloruntobi, Communication and Journalism; Naif Masrahi, Linguistic Literacy and Sociocultural Studies; Emma Mincks, English; and Cara Greene, Philosophy.

Learn more about each participant here.

“Graduate Studies is pleased to support such a large number of very talented doctoral students,” said Dean Julie Coonrod, who noted that students joined colleagues from institutions such as Penn State University, University of California Davis , UC Riverside, Vanderbilt and University of North. Caroline-Chapel Hill.

The National Center for the Humanities is home to a variety of research opportunities for professors and graduate students in the humanities, and Alemán, an English professor, hopes this is the first of an extensive collaboration between UNM and the NHC.

“Humanities research, pedagogies, and practices are probably more important than ever in our social moment, and I’m thrilled to see our graduate students participating on a national scale,” said Alemán.

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