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Course numbering system

Courses numbered from 000 to 099 are classified as refresher courses (unless it is a laboratory section which corresponds to a lecture course 100 to 599). Courses numbered 100 to 299 are designated as junior college courses (lower division). Courses numbered 300 to 599 are referred to as senior college courses (upper division) if taken at a regionally accredited four-year institution. Classes at the 500 level are advanced undergraduate classes. Most are open to graduate students. To earn graduate credit, additional course requirements must be met. 600-level courses are open to graduate students only. The 700 level courses are reserved for Ed.S. students. The 900 level courses are reserved for the Ed.D. students.

Workshop courses are numbered 800-866. Workshops numbered 800-833 are open to all undergraduate and graduate students and receive lower division credits. Those numbered 834-866 are open to undergraduates who have completed 45 semester credit hours and graduate students; undergraduate students receive upper division credits; graduate students receive graduate credit.

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