Can my Ukrainian children go to school if they don’t speak English? | United Kingdom | New

All young people have the opportunity to go to school in the UK, including anyone coming to the UK from Ukraine.

The government believes that the best place for all children is in school. It is therefore essential to go to school to help children integrate into the British way of life.

This helps if your child speaks English, but it is not essential as there are specialist resources available to help youngsters learn to speak English.

Some schools have English as an Additional Language (ALA) coordinators, who help integrate children who do not speak English.

There are also schools specially designed for students who only speak Ukrainian. For example, London has St Mary’s Ukrainian School and Manchester has Manchester Ukrainian Saturday School.

How to apply for a place at the school

Each local council has different ways of applying for a place at the school.

The best thing to do is speak to your local council’s school admissions team.

They will help provide information on local schools, as well as those that have vacancies.

Unfortunately, the most popular schools will likely be full when you apply, so your options may be limited.

In the UK, most children start school at the age of five, with the school year beginning in September.

They will stay in ‘primary school’ for the first six years of study, before moving on to ‘secondary school’.

Secondary pupils range from 11 to 16 years old and will include GCSEs.

Your children will start learning their GCSEs in year 9, when they are 14 years old.

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