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Bhopal: A teacher from Bhopal received a patent for learning vocabulary. Rahul Parashar from Bhopal, received a patent for his unique and effective conceptualization of the ‘Vocabmetry’ method. Parashar had applied for the patent in 2014 with the Indian Government Patent Office and has now received the certificate on March 30. “The method of vocabularymetry” is basically a unique and easy concept of learning English.
Explaining the concept, Parashar said, “The three coordinates in the Vocabmetry process are the start coordinate, the distinct sound coordinate, and the end ruler/coordinate. Vocabularymetry gives a memorable touch to vocabulary. So far, 3,000 learners in Bhopal and Delhi, in addition to nearly 20,000 online students, have reaped lasting gains in their vocabulary. It is fruitful for contest aspirants.
“I made a list of several words beginning with ‘ab’. The pronunciation was synchronized with “ape”, which gave character to the words. I realized that if I could categorize words with the most common beginning or ending combinations and match them with hilarious comic book characters, the terms would become unforgettable for a student,” Parashar, 35, said.
Parashar incubated a system, where the most common start and end combinations as well as intermediate letters were called start and end coordinates. “I have developed a fundamental process of learning vocabulary using these expanded coordinates and a handful of 110 memorable characters and am now continuing to expand vocabularymetry to approximately 27,500 words,” he said. -he declares.

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